Bamboo/wool turtleneck

Bamboo/wool turtleneck

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Bamboo/wool men’s turtleneck

The turtleneck has reclaimed its status as a contemporary fashion statement. Whereas turtlenecks were mostly worn as leisurewear in the past, nowadays these sophisticated turtlenecks are increasingly worn in a professional environment. A turtleneck with a suit jacket is the perfect alternative to traditional formal attire. No need to suit up.

Optimal body temperature

The hollow bamboo fibres used in our bamboo/wool blend help to regulate body temperature.  In warm weather, bamboo feels cool, while in cold weather it actually feels warmer. Bamboo fabric also provides excellent breathability, keeping you feeling fresh and dry all day long.

How to wear your turtleneck

Our one-ply knitted turtleneck feels supple and light, but still offers ample protection against the cold. This all-season turtleneck can be paired with an undershirt, or worn under a stylish cardigan or suit jacket. It’s the ideal solution when a suit feels a little too formal.