Bamboo Underwear for Men

Bamboo Underwear for Men

  1. Bamigo Paul Slim Fit Boxer Shorts Grey (2-pack)
    Paul Boxer Shorts Grey (2-pack)
  2. Bamigo Paul Slim Fit Boxer Shorts Blue (2-pack)
    Paul Boxer Shorts Blue (2-pack)
  3. Bamigo Paul Slim Fit Boxer Shorts Turquoise-Emerald (2-pack)
    Paul Boxer Shorts Turquoise - Emerald (2-pack)
  4. Bamigo Paul Slim Fit Boxer Shorts Orange-Navy (2-Pack)
    Paul Boxer Shorts Orange-Navy (2-pack)
  5. Bamigo Paul Slim Fit Boxer Shorts White (2-pack)
    Paul Boxer Shorts White (2-pack)
  6. Bamigo Paul Slim Fit Boxer Shorts Red (2-Pack)
    Paul Boxer Shorts Red (2-pack)
  7. Bamigo Paul Slim Fit Boxer Shorts Black (2-pack)
    Paul Boxer Shorts Black (2-pack)
  8. Bamigo Mason Slim Fit Short Boxer Shorts Black (2-pack)
    Mason Short Boxer Shorts Black (2-pack)
  9. Bamigo Mason Slim Fit Hipsters Red (2-pack)
    Mason Short Boxer Shorts Red (2-pack)
  10. Bamigo Mason Slim Fit Short Boxer Shorts White (2-pack)
    Mason Short Boxer Shorts White (2-pack)
  11. Bamigo Mason Slim Fit Hipsters Blue (2-pack)
    Mason Short Boxer Shorts Blue (2-pack)
  12. Bamigo Mason Slim Fit Hipsters Grey Melange (2-pack)
    Mason Short Boxer Shorts Grey Melange (2-pack)
  13. Bamigo Clark Briefs White-Grey-Navy (3-pack)
    Clark Slips White-Grey-Navy (3-pack)
  14. Bamigo Clark Briefs White (3-pack)
    Clark Slips White (3-pack)
  15. Bamigo Clark Briefs Black (3-pack)
    Clark Slips Black (3-pack)

Exquisite bamboo underwear

If you're buying new underwear there are two important points to consider. Not only do they have to be comfortable, they also should look stylish. Great news! You can't go wrong with Bamigo. All our boxer shorts and briefs are made from bamboo because we are convinced that bamboo is the textile of the future. With underwear by Bamigo you will cut a great figure. They are super soft and therefore feel like your second skin. Our boxer shorts are Slim Fit. And then there is the stylish character of our boxer shorts and briefs. Completely unique and exclusively available with us online. Find out about all the advantages of the mighty bamboo here: 

  • Silky smooth
  • Smell fresh longer
  • Ventilate much better
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Fast drying
  • Super absorbent
  • Eco-friendly 

Do you perspire a lot? Keep Cool!, bamboo absorbs moisture like no other fibre, it dries quickly and smells fresh for much longer. Do you have sensitive skin? No worries, you can still wear this underwear - every day of the year. Bamboo boxer shorts are much warmer in winter and cooler in summer and so they are always your best choice! 

Bamboo underwear

Your behind deserves the best: your buttocks deserve bamboo boxer shorts, bamboo hipsters or bamboo briefs by Bamigo. Give them what they deserve! Order the softest men's underwear right here. All good things come in pairs. Choose from boxer shorts or briefs in different colour combinations. The boxer shorts are available in different combinations! Unable to choose? Keep Cool! You don't have to. Just order a few more combinations! Does your wardrobe contain any bamboo underwear by Bamigo yet? No? Then order your bamboo underwear today. Already have some in your wardrobe? Time to expand! 

Our product range

Bamigo has more than just boxer shorts, hipsters and briefs  - we also have many other exquisite bamboo products on our shelves. We can also offer you high quality bamboo T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts and socks. An added benefit is that Bamigo's T-shirts are slightly longer and so stay tucked into your trousers much better. That makes them really good undershirts. Want to know more about these wonderful T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts and socks? Keep Cool! You can find out here: 

The best gift!

Don't you think your amigo also deserves exquisite bamboo underwear by Bamigo? Of course you do. Not sure of his size? Keep Cool! Bamigo now offers

. With this fantastic gift card your amigo can leisurely browse our product range and choose his outfit.