Which boxers don’t ride up?


More than 80% of men wear boxers. Despite their popularity, there are a number of common complaints about boxers. One notorious issue that many men experience is boxers that ride up during the day, causing bunching and even skin irritation. Sound familiar? Here are the most common causes and some convenient solutions.


Best men’s pyjamas for the summer season


There are few things as personal as the way you sleep. Do you prefer to wear pyjama’s, just your underwear or even nothing at all? Often, this also depends on the season. In winter, you might opt for toasty pyjamas, while underwear is sufficient during the warmer seasons. If you’d prefer to sleep in pyjamas during the summer months as well, then check out Bamigo’s perfect summer pyjamas for men.


Create a sporty look with a polo & zip-up sweater


A polo shirt is a great starting point for a casual athletic outfit. Timeless, minimalistic and sporty. Don’t forget to wear your polo the right way though. That means: untucked, at least one button fastened and a crisp collar.


The 5 advantages of our solid white Tees for men


Are you looking for solid white T-shirts for men? You’ve come to the right place. Bamigo has a full collection of white T-shirts for men. These white undershirts may seem basic at first glance but try them on and you’ll feel the difference. Take a look at the following five advantages of Bamigo T-shirts.


Top 5 bamboo clothing items for the winter season


It’s early in the morning when you leave the house. You head to your car, but before you can drive off, you need to scrape the ice off your windscreen. It’s that time of year again. Although winter doesn’t officially start until 21 December, these frosty mornings are already with us. Keep reading to discover our top 5 winter essentials and prepare for the cold months ahead.


How to wear a shirt under a pullover for maximum impact


Wearing a shirt under a pullover has been a popular trend for years. Well, it can’t really be called a trend anymore, as it has become the new normal. As winter approaches and temperature drops, this stylish, contemporary outfit is seen more frequently. Read on to find out how best to wear a shirt under a pullover.


Bamboo as an alternative to cotton


Cotton is the water guzzler among textiles. On average, 8,000 litres of water are needed for the cultivation of just one kilogram of cotton. In addition, cotton is responsible for the use of no less than 11% of all pesticides and 25% of all insecticides in the world. The soil in which cotton plants grow becomes so exhausted during cultivation that fertiliser has to be used to make cotton production possible again.


A level of comfort beyond belief: introducing bamboo jumpers with wool


Many have awaited this moment, and it’s finally arrived. From now on, you can shop extremely soft jumpers at Bamigo. These jumpers have a new composition. Wool has been integrated into the product for the first time. The jumpers, also called pullovers, consist of 50% bamboo and 50% wool. A unique composition that ensures unprecedented comfort.


Stylish, comfortable and versatile: the zip-up sweater


Some days, the weather is unpredictable. On these days, it’s best to wear an outfit with several different layers. Whether it's the middle of winter or high summer, a zip-up sweater is the perfect item for the job. In this blog, we’ll take a look at why the zip-up sweater is so versatile.


All there is to know about our new loungewear collection


It’s finally time to reveal our most ground-breaking news since the launch of Bamigo! The very finest in men’s loungewear is now available in our online store. We’re celebrating the launch of no fewer than four new products at once: our brand-new sweater, hoodie, sweatpants and zip-up sweater.


When is a lightweight T-shirt the perfect choice?


There’s no shortage of undershirts on the market. They come with seemingly endless combinations of varying sleeve lengths, fits, colours and necklines. They’re also made from a variety of different fabrics offering a range of thicknesses.