Many have awaited this moment, and it’s finally arrived. From now on, you can shop extremely soft jumpers at Bamigo. These jumpers have a new composition. Wool has been integrated into the product for the first time. The jumpers, also called pullovers, consist of 50% bamboo and 50% wool. A unique composition that ensures unprecedented comfort.

No loss of stretch

The pullover has been perfected down to the last detail. The end of each sleeve is finished with a ribbed cuff. These are firm ribbed cuffs that don't lose their stretch. There is also a rib at the bottom of the jumper so that the jumper closes nicely around your body. With a regular fit model, the jumper also won’t be overly tight. Each colour has a melange effect, which means that it is a mix of two colours. This creates beautiful depth in colour.

Perfect all year round

You’ll find a range of products in our pullover collection. The Penly pullover with zipper is more expensive due to its thicker fabric. For this pullover, we used double thread (2 ply). This Penly pullover with zipper is very suitable for the winter period. For the other pullovers, a single thread (1 ply) has been used. This makes the products suitable to wear all year round.

How will you pair the bamboo/wool blend jumper?

Many people will wear the pullover over a dress shirt, but it can also be paired perfectly with a T-shirt. The name "pullover" originates from the fact that the jumper is worn over the shirt. It is very stylish to have the sleeves and collar of the shirt exposed. When you combine this, it is important that the jumper has a minimalistic design, otherwise it can become overly busy. Which colour of all-season pullover will you order? The essential for every man's wardrobe.

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