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When we say bamboo, what do you think of? The panda of course!  What kind of nature do you think bamboo is? A tree? Maybe wood? But not sweet grass right? Bamboo isn’t a tree of wood, it is sweet grass. You didn’t know right? But there are a lot more facts about bamboo you have to know.


As you know, bamboo clothing didn’t exist for that long. Bamigo is one of the first brands with bamboo clothing. Keep Cool! All the undergarments have the best quality and a perfect fit. But maybe you don’t know the nice facts about bamboo. For an example, did you know a bamboo plant can be up to 30 meters? And did you know bamboo provides the best help against erosion?

Animals between bamboo!

Some animals are in love with bamboo. Our amigo’s really get that. The material bamboo is so nice! But we don’t have to worry about the food for pandas. Our amigo’s use another sort of bamboo than the pandas eat. But did you know that birds love to build a nest made of bamboo? They do this for protection against predators. And did you know giraffes are totally gourmets? They love to eat the leafs of bamboo plants.


Actually a bamboo plant is a real muscleman. The material is incredibly strong. So in Asia they even make scaffoldings with bamboo. In some cement constructions they use bamboo instead of rebar. Musical instruments such as flutes, clarinets and blowpipes can be also made of bamboo. 

Did you know bamboo can create up to 30% biomass. Keep Cool! Our amigo’s will explain that to you! Biomass is an organic material made of plants and trees. By burning that organic material the biomass will be generated. But that’s not the only thing. In comparison to other plants and trees, bamboo can take 30% more CO2. And by the way, when bamboo stalks are growing they immediately have the maximum thickness.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. The highest bamboo plant ever was a plant in China. That plant reached a height of 48 meters. That’s really high right? Some types of bamboo can grow one meter a day. That’s really fast right?

Last but not least!

Did you know in some cultures bamboo is used against asthma, kidney diseases and defects in the circulatory system? But also you can make diesel from bamboo. Who knows, but maybe in the future we will drive on diesel. Or maybe we will drink wine, beer and shots made of bamboo. Cheers! Yes, also that drinks can be made of bamboo. But our amigo’s have done another discovery. Not only drinkable, some parts of bamboo are edible. Tasty! Last but not least. The famous cane of Charlie Chaplin was also made of bamboo! Nice to know right? But, everyone has his or her own specialties and our amigo’s just do what they’re good at and that’s making undergarments out of bamboo. 


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