You are probably aware of the many advantages of bamboo. It is super soft, anti-sweat, anti-allergenic and eco-friendly. But did you know that bamboo fabric can be your hero on sunny days? Our amigos know one thing for sure: bamboo underwear by Bamigo is a must-have for your summer holiday!

Multifunctional bamboo

Bamboo is a very versatile plant. It is used in construction, as decoration or to make musical instruments. Bamboo is also used to treat infections, to write on and it is even edible. And of course, it is used to make clothing. But did you know that bamboo clothes protect you from UV radiation? It's true! The bamboo fabric has qualities that can protect you from the sun. That's handy on holiday, isn't it?

That amazing power

How does it work? A few of our amigos discovered this amazing power of bamboo and developed an eco-friendly way to process the bamboo plant into fibres. This maintains the UV-blocking effect and keeps the antibacterial properties of bamboo.  

Your favorite underwear

Do you want to be protected from the sun during your holiday? Keep Cool! Get your bamboo underwear from Bamigo before you go. Spend your summer in comfort with Bamigo bamboo underwear. The underwear is cooler in summer so you won't get too hot. Another bonus is that you are being eco-friendly when you shop with us. A real win-win situation according to our amigos!


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