Did you know that your socks wear out the most quickly of all your wardrobe items? That's because socks have to endure the most abuse when you wear them. That means you have to keep going back to the shop to replace your socks. Our amigos think that is a waste of time. So from now on your socks will come to you!

The Sock!

We wear socks (almost) every day. Our Bamigo amigos do anyway! Are you fond of wearing socks? The article of clothing in your wardrobe that suffers the most wear and tear is the sock. That makes sense, if you consider they provide you with a soft feeling all day long. Isn't it a waste of time to keep rushing to the shop to get yourself new socks? With Bamigo socks you won't have to do this anymore. Our fantastic socks come to you through your letterbox. You don't even have to stay at home for the delivery

Socks made from bamboo!

Our amigos don't exactly like sweaty feet. We prefer our feet nice and fresh. Socks shouldn't only be comfortable, they should also keep your feet fresh all day long. Keep Cool! Our socks are made from bamboo, which means your feet will stay fresh all day.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Absorb and evaporate much more moisture than socks made from other textiles
  • Bamboo is a super soft material
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive feet
  • Antibacterial and therefore prevents nasty odours
  • Warmer in winter and cooler in summer

These socks are absolute champions. Due to the the nature of our socks, your feet will always be fresh. Nasty odours are a thing of the past. Keep Cool! Bamigo.

What's more, our amigos have made sure you don't have to wear the same colour socks every day. We offer black, navy, beige, grey and brown socks. So there's a good match for every outfit!

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