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Briefs or Boxer Shorts?

Women, would you like to know the perfect underwear to offer to your chosen one? Men, would you like to try something different from your usual underwear? Find out about the pros and cons of Briefs and short and long Boxer Shorts in this article…

Briefs: sobriety and discretion

Briefs have been without any doubt the most popular underwear of the 20th century, and they remain very popular, especially among people from the 50s and 60s. Briefs are breathable and provide men with a good support. Under skinny jeans or trousers, they are a very discreet option. No need to look for flashy colours, keep it simple with black or white. For younger men, briefs may appear old-fashioned, but they are still popular on the big fashion shows and have become a statement for the “confident man”. If you’re unsure about how to look when you're wearing briefs, you can opt for short boxer shorts, providing you with the same qualities and a stylish touch.

Boxer shorts: style and comfort

Since the turn of the century, slim fit boxer shorts have become incredibly popular amongst the male population all over the world. Unlike briefs, usually sober and minimalistic, boxer shorts have an amazing diversity of shapes and patterns. We strongly recommend plain boxer shorts with modern cuts. They are less discreet than briefs, but provide men with the same comfort and support, and they highlight the shapes of your body to your advantage, when you need it the most – i.e. almost naked. But, long or short boxer shorts? If short boxer shorts usually do not protect you enough from friction between your jeans/trousers and your thighs, opt for long boxer shorts.

The choice is always yours

Whatever is written here - or on other blogs -, the most important thing is that you find the underwear in which you feel the most comfortable. Of course, being elegant and stylish matters, but comfort is key to start every day. And that is why bamboo is always the right choice to make.


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