More and more companies take part in Casual Friday. On this day, you are allowed to ditch your business suit and wear casual clothes to work. Casual Friday is interpreted differently by everyone. Often, men opt for a casual shirt or a smart jumper. What will you wear on this day?


Jeans come in all shapes and sizes and so you would think they are the ideal option for Casual Friday. But not all jeans are created equal in terms of suitability in the workplace. Dark jeans would be your best choice, as these are generally considered to be the smarter option. If you are wearing dark jeans, make sure to choose the right fit. Beware of jeans that are too tight or too baggy. At many companies it is not acceptable to wear jeans with holes or fringing. Are jeans not appropriate at your place of work? A smart alternative is slacks.

Upper body clothing

A T-shirt, a shirt or a jacket and tie? This is different everywhere, but most often a smart T-shirt, a smart jumper or a casual shirt are acceptable. Wearing a tank top would not be acceptable in most offices. In many cases, you can wear a T-shirt at the office, but not always. In that case, you can complete your outfit with a jacket or blazer. Bamigo T-shirts are ideal underneath a jacket or blazer.

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