When we talk about sustainable clothing at Bamigo, we don't just mean the durability of our products. With sustainable clothing, it's also about developing a fair product. In this, we consider both the environment and working conditions. Does this matter to you as well? Then read on.

Long lifespan

With Bamigo you will enjoy your boxer shorts longer than average. That is because our undergarments are made from the best quality bamboo fabric. Our product specialists are constantly improving the quality of the products and that pays off.

No endangered bamboo species

Because we value fairness at Bamigo, we do not use any endangered bamboo species. The pandas are also not affected by our work. They eat smaller bamboo species than the ones we use. One thing less for you to worry about.

Our bamboo comes from China. Our bamboo is grown there on plantations from certified suppliers. No pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers are required for the growth of bamboo. During harvesting, only the stems are cut. The roots stay in the ground. Because bamboo also grows incredibly fast, a lot of bamboo can grow without the soil being exhausted.

Attention to working conditions

When making a fair product, Bamigo believes it is important that the working conditions are good. We therefore only work with certified suppliers. We also regularly go overseas ourselves to check the working conditions. We strive to treat everyone involved in producing bamboo clothing well.

Do you value the quality of the product as well as the story behind it? Then you have come to the right place at Bamigo.