Every decision in your life has direct and indirect consequences. When choosing Bamigo, the positive effects are far-reaching. Direct: you’ll look great in your wonderfully soft digs. Indirect: you’re doing good for the environment. To what extent is bamboo clothing environmentally friendly, though?

The process

After harvesting, bamboo stems are shredded into tiny particles. These bamboo chips are then boiled in a bath of sodium hydroxide and carbon disulphide. Techniques are continuously improved, and waste materials are now reused to ensure they do not contaminate the environment. These techniques are not yet perfect, but developments continue at a rapid pace.

Environmental benefits of bamboo

The unique properties of bamboo even influence nature in a positive way. Below you will find some benefits for the environment:

  • the soil becomes more fertile from bamboo roots
  • bamboo boasts exceptionally high productivity
  • compared to cotton, no artificial watering is required, and no pesticides are used in the growth of bamboo

Fertile soil

Bamboo roots are great in more ways than one: they counteract erosion by reinforcing the soil. The branched structure of the bamboo roots also loosens the soil, making it more fertile. This forms the foundation for healthy plants. No pesticides are used. The soil does not need to recover after harvesting and therefore withholds its value.

No artificial watering required

In addition, bamboo does not require artificial irrigation. Bamboo gets all the moisture it needs from natural rainfall. Given the water scarcity in some areas of the world, water efficiency is more important than ever before.


High productivity

Bamboo is a highly productive resource as it simply regenerates after the harvest, and a rapid pace. As a result, a relatively large amount of bamboo can be harvested on just a few square metres. When choosing bamboo clothing from Bamigo, you’re choosing a sustainable natural resource.


Bamboo as a weapon against global environmental concerns

We’ve only listed a few of the environmental benefits. Bamboo has a positive impact on global environmental concerns such as water scarcity, deforestation, soil erosion, the greenhouse effect and the current nitrogen crisis. In the e-book, you will discover how bamboo helps to combat these global problems.