When you score a new pair of socks, you want to keep them looking great as long as you can. The rate at which the condition of your socks dwindles depends on both the quality and the use. How can you best care for your wear-resistant socks to extend their lifeline and keep holes at bay?

Martindale Abrasion Test

At Bamigo, we are committed to the ongoing improvement of our products. To improve quality, we go beyond listening to and acting upon valued client feedback. Products are also extensively tested, including the so-called Martindale Abrasion Test recently conducted by an independent inspection body. Our wear-resistant bamboo socks were put the test, and we’re proud to say that they were up for the challenge!

During the Martindale Abrasion Test, a section of the sock is stretched over a plate. A rounded metal head equipped with a rough fabric is then rubbed over the sock at a constant pressure and speed. The number of times that the head passes back and forth over the fabric indicates the number of rubs. The machine stops once the fabric’s first threads tear.

Wear-resistant socks that can hold their own

We were curious at which point the sock’s threads would break. Upon meeting the maximum number of rubs (50,000) for a Martindale Abrasion Test, the socks were still hole-free. While we didn’t get the answer we we're looking for, we were proud to see that our socks we’re truly as durable as we’d designed them. To provide a reference point, if upholstery fabrics make it to 50,000 rubs, they’re crowned worthy for intensive use.

4 tips to help your durable socks stand up to wear and tear

All the same, some people wear through socks faster than others. This is primarily owing to usage. With these tips, Bamigo’s wear-resistant socks will hold up to the test of time:

  • Make sure you have the right size of socks and shoes. Too small = too much pressure on the socks. Too big = too much friction caused by sliding.
  • Don’t pull your socks up excessively. It’s important that the heel of the sock aligns nicely with your heel to prevent spreading the fabric too thin.
  • Avoid wearing socks without footwear. While you probably wouldn’t head outside in just your socks, they also wear more quickly indoors if you’re not wearing shoes or slippers.
  • Keep your toenails trimmed. If your nails are overly long, they’ll slowly work their way through the socks.

Enjoy long-lasting comfort

If you’re sporting high-quality socks and keep the above tips in mind, your socks will stay looking great longer. At Bamigo, our comfortable bamboo socks even feature a reinforced heel and toe. Order your socks via our website, give them a bit of TLC and enjoy the long-lasting comfort of bamboo.