Wearing a shirt under a pullover has been a popular trend for years. Well, it can’t really be called a trend anymore, as it has become the new normal. As winter approaches and temperature drops, this stylish, contemporary outfit is seen more frequently. Read on to find out how best to wear a shirt under a pullover.

Matching colours

A solid-coloured shirt and pullover combo in the same shade can look very clean and stylish, provided the two are not the exactly the same colour. For example, a light blue shirt looks great under a dark blue pullover. A light green shirt is a wonderful match for a dark green pullover. A white shirt goes with practically any pullover. Also, make sure at least one of the two garments has a solid design. If both your shirt and pullover feature an intricate pattern, your outfit will look too busy.

Shirt under pullover: two variations

This popular look is usually worn in one of two ways. The most common variation is a shirt underneath a crew neck pullover. A dress shirt also looks great when combined with a zip pullover. This outfit lends itself well to both casual and business occasions. Wearing multiple layers means you stay comfortably warm throughout the day, making this stylish outfit ideal for the colder seasons.

Wear your outfit the right way

Found the right shirt and pullover? You’re almost there. All that’s left is to put your outfit together the right way. This means tucking your shirt into your trousers and making sure your cuffs and your shirt collar remain visible. Shirt sleeves with sufficient length are key to this contemporary outfit.

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