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Must haves for an athletic holiday

Spare time during your holiday? Time on your hands during the work week? Put your best foot forward, pull on your sportswear and hit the gym. Did you know that our bamboo T-shirts are the perfect workout attire?


Bamboo offers high breathability and absorbs up to 70% more moisture than cotton. Ditch the odours. Great for you, even greater for your workout buddies.


Most Bamigo T-shirts feature a snug fit. These comfortable shirts hug the contours of your body making them a great choice for all types of sports. If you prefer a more relaxed top, our loose fit T-shirts can also be worn while hitting the gym. Whichever model you choose, you’ll love the added length. You have enough to focus on without constantly tugging at your clothing.

Put your best foot forward with our bamboo T-shirts. Order the T-shirts in our online store.