Hey amigo! Do you hate walking around in creased clothes? Keep Cool! With T-shirts and long sleeve T-shirts from Bamigo you can be sure you look smooth and wrinkle-free. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Thanks to Bamigo you never have to iron again.


Our amigos don't know anyone that actually enjoys ironing. Do you like ironing, or know anyone that does? No, that's what we thought! A whopping 88 per cent of all Dutch people dislike ironing, and of that group of people, 90 per cent really hate it. And you may have guessed this: the largest part of this group is male. Men really seem to hate this domestic chore.


Ironing is definitely not a favourite pastime. Yet 1 in 10 Dutch people iron their underwear. We would leave the ironing to the women if we could, isn’t that right amigos? 'My wife is much better at it' is an excuse often used. Anything to avoid this chore. It's often the case that men don't know how to iron or claim they don't have time for it. Do you recognise yourself in this? Keep Cool, Bamigo has the solution.

Once upon a time...

Our amigos applied real thought during the development of our underwear, which has made many men and women very happy. All underwear by Bamigo is non-iron. After washing and drying your T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts and underwear you can put them right back on. You won't see a single wrinkle. That's good work from our amigos. What are you waiting for? Click on that orange button right now!



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