When on the market for great new undershirts, comfort is an essential pillar. The fit of the T-shirt is one of the key factors in achieving a great feel. When should you go for a slim fit shirt and when is a loose fit the better choice?


To help you make the right choice between the various fits, we will highlight the main advantages of both T-shirts.

These are the main advantages of our bamboo slim fit T-shirts:

  • No bunching under your clothes
  • Shirt feels like a second skin

No bunching under your clothing

When putting together an outfit for the office, your undershirt plays an important role. It wicks away perspiration to prevent unsightly stains on your favourite dress shirts. For a professional look it’s important that your undershirt stays well out of view. With soft fabric that hugs your body, it stands to reason that a snug-fitting undershirt will bunch less than a loose undershirt and keep cumbersome folds and bunching at bay.

Feels like a second skin

With the generous stretch, our slim fit T-shirts always hug the contours of your body: the perfect fit every time! Bamboo fibres are smooth and round which lends luxurious softness to bamboo textiles. A perfect fit combined with ultimate softness make for undershirts that feel like a second skin.

Let’s zoom in on the advantages of the loose fit bamboo T-shirts:

  • More relaxed, comfortable fit
  • Suitable for all body types as an undershirt or casual top

More relaxed, comfortable fit

Compared to the slim fit T-shirts, the loose fit T-shirt features a more relaxed wear. A bit looser, but still with that great Bamigo cut that hugs your body. A loose fit is a great choice under a casual pullover or jumper.

Suitable all body types as an undershirt or top

Just like our slim fit T-shirts, a loose fit T-shirt looks great as a casual top. Especially if understated solids are your thing. Keep in mind that a slim fit T-shirt is quite revealing. For men with a fuller stature, a loose fit T-shirt is the go-to choice.


The choice between the shirts depends on more than taste alone, but also on your signature style. A loose fit looks best under a casual pullover or jumper, while a slim fit looks great under a dress shirt. Still not sure which style defines you? Order them both so that you always have the perfect wardrobe solution at hand.