In 2001, the University of Beijing discovered how to make textiles from bamboo. Whether this was the discovery of the century is open to discussion, but it is an understatement to say that bamboo clothing is growing in popularity with each coming year. Bamboo has many unique properties which give bamboo clothing an abundance of advantages.

Long-term freshness

Let's start with the absorbency of the bamboo fibre. Owing to the microscopic pores in bamboo fibres, the fabric offers excellent ventilation. It also absorbs moisture three times better than cotton! This is why bamboo keeps you feeling fresh and dry significantly longer. Bamboo also wicks away moisture quickly. Who doesn't want to feel fantastically fresh?

Wonderfully soft

The round, smooth structure of the bamboo fibre is an important property, as is its absorbency. This structure has no sharp or rough elements that irritate the skin and therefore feels wonderfully soft against the skin. Underwear should be comfortable, and Bamigo aims to meet your every need with bamboo.

Crease-resistant without ironing

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the smooth round structure comes into play yet again. The unique structure ensures that there is less resistance, which naturally leads to reduced wrinkles. You can take to the streets without ironing.

Good for the skin

Bamboo fibres also have a unique antibacterial action that helps to combat bacteria. This makes bamboo clothing extremely suitable for people with sensitive skin. The skin becomes calmer when wearing antibacterial clothing. People with skin conditions such as eczema benefit most from this.

The benefits don’t stop there. Bamboo offers even more advantages for you and for the environment. Interested in learning everything there is to know about bamboo clothing? Check out our e-book 'Bamboo: the textile of the future' today for free.