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The benefits of bamboo clothing

In 2001 the University of Beijing discovered how to make bamboo fabric. Whether this is the discovery of the century remains to be seen, but it is an understatement to say that bamboo clothing becomes more popular every year. Bamboo has several unique properties, which means that bamboo clothing has many advantages.

Long-term freshness

Let's start with the absorbing capacity of the bamboo fibre. Bamboo ventilates very well because of the micro holes in the fibre. It even absorbs moisture three times better than cotton! That is why you stay fresh and dry for considerably longer than would normally be the case. Bamboo also drains moisture away quickly. Who wouldn't want to feel fresh longer?

Bamboo feels wonderfully soft

The round and smooth structure of the bamboo fibre is an important quality, just like its absorbing power. This structure has no sharp dots that irritate the skin. This structure offers the advantage that bamboo clothing feels wonderfully soft. Underwear should be comfortable and Bamigo tries to enhance this by using bamboo.

Non-iron means no creasing

Once again, the round, smooth structure of bamboo plays a vital role here. The structure ensures that there is less resistance. As a result, bamboo naturally creases less. You can therefore leave home without ironing.

Good for the skin

Bamboo fibres also have a unique antibacterial effect that helps to combat bacteria. This makes bamboo clothing extremely suitable for people with sensitive skin. Antibacterial clothing has a soothing effect on the skin. This is a huge relief for people with skin conditions such as eczema.

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