Nearly all men wear a suit on occasion. On their wedding day perhaps or a regular Wednesday at the office. When you’re sporting a suit, you want to look your very best from head to toe. A key component to pulling off a professional look is your choice of socks. Where one man goes for safe, the other is ready to stand out and pulls on a pair of statement socks. Read through our blog for the important do’s and don’ts of selecting dress socks to suit your suit.

Coloured socks under a suit

There is some confusion surrounding which colour of socks are best. A dark suit is often coupled with dark socks, but that’s not always a given. If you’re going for an understated look, a dark sock is the perfect choice. Go for a slightly darker shade than your suit.

Along the same lines, it’s best to pair light-coloured socks with a light suit. While you should choose a shade darker, if the socks are too dark, they will stand out and you’ll you’re your professional edge. Remember to invest enough time and attention colour coordination for the sharpest look.

Statement socks under a suit

Socks present a great opportunity to jazz things up and make a statement. The safest route is a solid statement colour, but men who are ready to shine can choose from endless brilliant patterns and colours. To pull this look off, it’s crucial to avoid conflicting optical features. Keep these three guidelines in mind when putting together your statement outfit:

1. Combine the socks with details from your suit

If you’ve chosen a pair of socks with an orange striped pattern, for example, match with an orange pocket square or a tie with the same pattern.

2. Choose understated dress shoes

You’ll need to keep away from statement dress shoes when sporting eye-catching socks. If you go with too much colour, the whole ensemble may be ‘too much’. Keep in mind: Less is more.

3. Go for a slim pant leg

Statement socks are best coupled with a slim pant leg, which will tie everything together nicely and highlight your fave socks.

Length is key

Even the smallest details are crucial to looking great in a suit. Tall socks are the go-to choice for gents. Socks should reach approximately halfway up the calf to ensure that the legs aren’t visible. Checking that your socks are the right length is simple: pull your favourite pair on and take a seat. If you see leg peeking out from under your trousers, you’ll need to choose a taller sock.

Summary of the most important takeaways

Run through this quick summary to check your top-notch outfit before heading out. Socks are essential to pulling off the perfect professional look. When choosing a solid pattern, it’s important to coordinate this colour with your suit and go for a slightly darker shade if possible.

If you’re going for statement socks, you’ll want to choose a pattern that pairs well with details in your suit. It’s also key to choose understated dress shoes and a narrow-legged trouser.

Choose your favourite bamboo socks

Now that you’ve upped your suave dressing game, all that’s left is to choose your new bamboo socks. If you’re going for the understated elegance of solids colours, the James black socks are a great choice. Ready to stand out from the crowd? Go bold with our James yellow striped socks. For the best of both worlds, the James denim blue striped are a great option for a subtle splash of colour.

Bamigo’s socks aren’t just stylish; they also offer unparalleled comfort. Look and feel your best; whether you’re heading to the office, an important meeting or the event of the year.