Do you get annoyed by socks that you can constantly feel because of their annoying seams and threads? Then Bamigo has good news for you. We have the softest seamless socks for men. A part of our production process is "hand-linking", which ensures that the toe seam is invisible and cannot be felt. About 90% of consumers do not know what 'hand-linked' means. We are happy to tell you more about it.

How are seamless socks made?

When a new sock is made, it comes out of the machine with the toe-side open. The open side must then be closed. This is often done by a machine that sews the seams together. This results in a hard and uncomfortable seam. However, here at Bamigo the open side is closed using the hand-linking method. This means that a machine finishes the sock using the same thread.


In the past, socks were literally sewn together at the toe by hand. This is how the term 'hand-linked' came into being. You can imagine that this method is outdated and that is why this is now done with the help of a new generation of machines. These machines make the link so flat that people do not feel the link (the seam) of the sock. It is for this reason the socks may be called seamless.

Extremely suitable for men with sensitive feet

Seamless socks are perfect for men who are sensitive to threads and seams. In addition, the seamless socks are extremely soft because of the bamboo fabric. This ensures optimum comfort. Are you looking for the softest seamless socks for men? Try bamboo socks by Bamigo and experience the seamless feeling for yourself.