There are a lot of them: symbols in T-shirts. Some of them are logical, others are not. Every T-shirt has them. But what’s the meaning of the symbols and why does every single T-shirt have them? Our amigos will teach you about the symbols in the Bamigo T-shirts.

5 different symbols

Every T-shirt has at least 5 symbols. These symbols tell you exactly how to take care of your T-shirt so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Every symbol of a Bamigo T-shirt is part of a different group: washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and chemical cleaning.

Symbols inside Bamigo T-Shirts


Symbol 1: Washing

This one is actually very logical, A washtub with the number 40 in it. This means that you should wash your T-shirt at 40 degrees. This doesn’t mean you cannot wash your T-shirt at 30 degrees if you prefer.

Symbol 2: Bleaching

Bleach is used for removing stains from light coloured clothing. Chlorine is very aggressive and can affect your T-shirt. Our amigos advise you not to use chlorine or other bleach. Otherwise, there’s a chance your T-shirt will be damaged and that would be a pity.

Symbol 3: Drying

As you can see, using a dryer is not necessary. Keep Cool! Our T-shirts dry super fast! This doesn’t mean you cannot use the dryer. It’s still possible but our amigos advise you not to use the dryer. There is a possibility that the fibre of the T-shirts will be damaged and that would be a shame.

Symbol 4: Ironing

Luckily, all the Bamigo T-shirts are non-iron and so ironing is unnecessary. Do you prefer to iron your T-shirt? Of course, that is possible without damaging the fibre. Besides that, our amigos advise you to keep the temperature low.

Symbol 5: Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning means dry cleaning. That’s not necessary for your Bamigo T-shirts. It’s not wise to use stain remover either to keep your T-shirt fresh. Using the washing machine is more than enough.


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