We all have heard about the tips of wearing business clothes already in the plane to be asked first to buy a cheap upgrade or for being prepared in case of lost luggage. Also, everybody tries to stay awake until it is bedtime at your destination. But the three following tips will give you some new insights that will bring you to a higher level of comfort.

1. Take a tennis ball

An improvised tennis match in the waiting hall is always refreshing. No, of course that’s not the reason. But a tennis ball is a small, cheap, and easy solution to replace a massage tool. Roll the ball under your feet or thighs; it will give you a fresh feeling. It prevents your muscles from getting sleepy and keeps the blood pressure up.

2. Eat vegetarian

Not for an ethical reason but for a practical purpose. Passengers who have ordered something “special”, which can also include other kinds of non-standard food, will get served first. So, you can finish your dinner smoothly and get through your personal time while all the others are still waiting.

3. Be comfortable under your business clothing

As you know, there are two clever reasons to wear your business clothes already in the plane. But nothing is more annoying than if the clothes don’t feel comfortable when you are ready to relax on the plane. So, you should pay special attention to your underwear. A silky soft texture is good for sensitive skin, because during the flight your skin has a long contact with pressure to the textile. Also, it should be stretchy enough not to disturb you in your small movements on the seat from one sitting position to another. Therefore, the T-shirt should also be long enough to always stay tucked into your trousers. A further advantage would be breathability and a temperature regulating effect. Underwear from Bamigo made from bamboo is specially designed for these needs. (Learn more about Bamigo Products).

Three easy to apply tips that will make your next business trip much more relaxing. Have a pleasant and safe flight.

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