Sticky or chafing thighs can cause red, irritated and painful skin. Thigh chafing is particularly problematic during warmer periods but can also occur while exercising. Fortunately, we have a solution with our comfortable anti-chafing underwear.

What causes thigh chafing?

Chafing is caused by a combination of heat, moisture and clothing irritation around the inner thighs. Although your skin is strong and flexible, it is also sensitive to warmth, bacteria and abrasion. When your inner thighs rub against each other or against your clothing, your skin can become irritated. The presence of perspiration and bacteria can often worsen the effects. The skin on your inner thighs swells slightly, causing your legs to stick together and generate friction and heat more quickly, which only makes the problem worse.

How to prevent painful chafing

There are plenty of ways to treat chafed skin and relieve the discomfort after it has occurred. But how about preventing the problem entirely? Check out our three essential tips to help you make uncomfortable chafing a thing of the past.

1. Wear bamboo underwear

Underwear is the first layer against your skin, automatically making it the first layer to absorb moisture and combat perspiration. Cotton underwear quickly becomes damp and holds the moisture against your skin. Underwear made using bamboo is different. It absorbs 70% more moisture than cotton and wicks it away from your skin. The breathable comfort of this anti-chafing underwear therefore ensures that your inner thighs stay dryer for longer. This reduces skin irritation and chafing.

2. Choose boxers with longer legs

Boxers with longer legs ensure that more of your inner thighs are covered. This added length prevents your thighs from rubbing directly against each other or against your clothing. Boxers with longer legs also stay put as they cover the thickest part of your thigh, making them less likely to crawl up. Wearing anti-chafing boxers with longer legs can help you avoid skin-to-skin contact while walking or exercising, significantly reducing abrasion and irritation.

3. Get well-fitting underwear

Selecting underwear with a good fit can really help. Choose a style of underwear that closes perfectly around the upper leg, preventing the fabric from crawling up. A slim-fit style stays in place and provides support throughout the day, no matter what activity you’re doing.

All Bamigo boxers are made using bamboo to ensure excellent moisture absorption, wicking and breathable comfort. Our boxers are also ultra-soft, offering next-level comfort as the first layer against your skin. If you’re looking for boxers with a longer leg, go for our Paul boxers that cover the widest part of your thighs. Which set will you go for?