Bamigo has great news for men who value comfort and who are looking for ultra-soft pyjama bottoms. As of this month, you’ll find wonderfully soft pyjama bottoms in our collection. Now that the summer is coming to an end and autumn awaits us, summer sheets are making way for thicker blankets. As the cooler nights creep in, luxurious pyjama bottoms are just what you need!

Made using bamboo

As you’ve come to expect from us, our pyjama bottoms primarily consist of bamboo. The composition of the fabric is as follows: 68% bamboo, 28% cotton and 4% elastane. With such a high bamboo content, our pyjama bottoms offer unparalleled softness. The fabric truly feels like a second skin and ensures exceptional comfort. These luxurious pyjama bottoms are the recipe for a great night’s sleep.


Modern look

Our super soft pyjama bottoms feature an elasticated waistband which conforms comfortably to the contours of your body. We’ve incorporated the waistband design of our underwear into our pyjama bottoms to offer a fresh, modern look for men’s pyjama bottoms. The legs of our pyjama bottoms offer sufficient freedom of movement without being overly wide and floaty. You certainly won’t mind being spotted in these modern pyjama bottoms.

Soft on the inside, modern on the outside

These super soft pyjama bottoms also feature two patch pockets and are perfect for Netflixing, lounging in bed and even working from home. Soft and comfortable on the inside, stylish and modern on the outside; experience these exceptional pyjama bottoms for yourself!


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