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What is bamboo clothing?

Although it does not grow in the America, everyone here knows bamboo. Bamboo is used in many different ways. For example, furniture, instruments, utensils and much more. Did you know that bamboo can also be used to make fabric? No? Then it is time that you were introduced to bamboo clothing.

Bamboo clothing

Bamboo fibre is created by grinding and processing raw bamboo. From this bamboo fibre a yarn is made that is eventually used to make clothing. Bamboo clothing therefore literally means clothing made from bamboo.

Combination with other textiles

The boxer shorts, T-shirts and socks that Bamigo makes consist largely of bamboo fibres, but that does not mean that no other kinds of textile are used. It is usually a mix with cotton, elastane or polyamide. When the fibres are combined, a mix is created that ensures the correct strength, appearance and extra comfort of the products.

Choose bamboo

Most of the clothing we wear today is made from cotton. So why do more and more people choose bamboo clothing? That is because wearing bamboo clothing has many benefits. For example, it absorbs three times as much moisture as cotton, leaving you noticeably fresher for longer. Furthermore, the bamboo fibre is smooth and round which results in a fabric that feels extremely soft. Are you curious? Try it out and experience it for yourself!