A few weeks ago we asked you which new products you would like to see in our product range. Did you give your opinion? The time has finally come! We would like to thank everyone for participating - we had a great response. Thanks to your input we have decided to expand our product range with …

And you chose..

A few weeks ago, our amigos asked you in our newsletter which product you would like to see added to our product range. Tank tops and singlets, briefs or short boxer shorts. You all voted in great numbers and the result is that the short boxer shorts came out on top. We immediately put our amigos to work to make this wish come true. Didn’t receive the newsletter? Keep Cool! You can register for our newsletter at the bottom of the page and keep up to date with all our (new) products, offers and Bamigo discounts.

There is more!

But that’s not all. Because of the overwhelming response, our amigos decided to add more than just the short boxer shorts. They have also decided to add new tank tops and singlets. And there’s even more! The third product, the briefs, has also gone into development and should appear in our bamboo underwear product range in a matter of weeks.

Our new products

The new sleeveless shirts are called the Franklin Tank Tops and the Lewis Singlets. So what is the difference between both vests? The singlet is a beautiful, classic top that fits snugly, while the tank top is more modern and a bit roomier. The short boxer shorts have been given the name Mason Boxer Shorts by our amigos. The briefs, which are still in development, will be called Clark. The new products will enjoy all the benefits of bamboo, as you have come to expect from Bamigo.



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