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When is a thin turtleneck the perfect option?

According to several scientific studies, men don’t feel the cold as readily as women. This is partly because men have better blood flow than women, meaning their extremities are kept warmer. Why is this a problem? Well, it means that the ideal workplace temperature is much higher for women than it is for men. As a result, most men quickly get too warm in the office. Are you one of them? If so, a thin turtleneck from Bamigo is a stylish solution.

Thin bamboo turtleneck for men

Our thin turtleneck is made using bamboo. Why is that important? Well, fabric made using bamboo has several insulating properties that impact your body’s ability to regulate its temperature. The micro-holes in bamboo fibres work as ventilation in warm weather, keeping you cool. In colder weather, the micro-holes trap a layer of air, offering extra protection against the cold. The bamboo fabric used in our thin turtleneck also wicks away moisture, keeping your skin fresh and dry all day long.

Knitted with a single thread

Our turtleneck is knitted with a single thread. The fabric is not overly thick, but still offers sufficient strength and protection against the cold. As our single-ply turtleneck is intentionally thinner than our two-ply half-zip jumper, it can be combined not only with an undershirt but also with a jumper or jacket. It’s stylish, practical and flexible all at the same time.

When to wear a turtleneck

In the summer, men often opt for short-sleeved T-shirts. But in the autumn and winter months, a thin turtleneck is ideal. As we move from September into October most men begin to layer up and reach for knitwear. A thin turtleneck that can be worn with an undershirt, jumper or jacket is then the perfect choice until February, or sometimes even March. Choose premium quality and comfort by going for a Bamigo turtleneck.

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