A new combination

New combi pack

We have good news. Bamigo keeps expanding its product range. Again, we have another new pack of undergarments in our collection. This time: socks. Because of the great success and a high demand for our different socks colours: black, dark blue, grey, beige and brown, we have created a new combi pack. It’s very handy for those occasions you can’t choose between all the different colours. Keep Cool! Order our new combi pack: 

James Socks Black – Beige – Blue (3-pack)


You will experience, of course, the same quality and characteristics, you are used to:

Silky smooth - long lasting freshness - much better ventilation - anti-allergenic - anti-bacterial - fast drying - super absorbent - and eco-friendly- what more do you need?

Treat your feet with our bamboo socks. Keep Cool – Wear Bamigo.

Did you know? The combi pack Black – Brown – Blue is going to leave our collection soon. Don’t wait too long and just order the combi pack now, while it’s still available. 



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