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Bamboo underwear for men

Bamboo underwear for men

Bamboo underwear

Comfortable underwear forms the foundation of every outfit. The comfort of your underwear rests entirely on the material and the fit. Bamboo underwear is wonderfully soft and ensures the highest level of comfort. With their slim fit, our underwear items are a perfect match for every man. Elegant, casual, classic, athletic – you’ll find it all in our collection of bamboo underwear.

Underwear for men

The perfect underwear for men. You’ll find the perfect underwear at Bamigo. What’s your style? Bamigo underwear is available in a range of boxer shorts and briefs featuring various colours and styles. Something for every man. Wondering what your perfect match is? Brush up on the key differences between our underwear styles.

Boxers have experienced a rise in popularity during the 21st century. This standard modern model features a longer leg and sits a bit higher on the hips.

Trunks feature a shorter leg than our boxer briefs and also sit lower on the hips. We’ve improved upon the modern fit of standard trunks to ensure that the legs close snugly around the thigh.

Briefs continue to uphold their status on the catwalk. They are a statement of the self-confident man making this legless model a timeless choice for today’s modern man.

Why bamboo underwear is good for men?

If you still need to be convinced that bamboo underwear is better for you than other fabrics, such as cotton, we can provide the evidence.

Underwear made from bamboo feels so much softer, and more refreshing to wear.

Bamboo underwear has naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, while the micro-holes in bamboo's structure also mean it can keep you cool.

It’s also soft on your skin, so no chafing.

For comfort, style, and health, bamboo underwear is the way to go.

Which underwear is best for sweating?

The good news for everyone worried about sweating is that bamboo is your new best friend.

Bamboo fabric's structure ensures that it never sticks to the skin because it is three to four times more absorbent than cotton, and can wick away moisture - keeping you dry and comfortable.

Is bamboo underwear antibacterial?

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial because it contains a biological agent that the Japanese refer to as ‘kun’.
Essentially, this prevents the growth of bacteria on the fibres.

Bamboo’s natural antibacterial properties also work when it is transformed into a fabric, and this allows it to resist the growth of bacteria that causes odours even after many washes.

Benefits of wearing bamboo underwear

As you can see, bamboo underwear is super soft, smooth, and very comfortable with excellent breathability.

It gives you the feel of silk, but at the price of a good cotton.

It also addresses other concerns you might have about underwear, such as sweating.

Whether you’re a briefs or a boxers man, the breathable comfort of our anti-chafing bamboo underwear, therefore, ensures that your inner thighs stay dryer for longer.

If you wear bamboo underwear, you will also be increasing your green credentials because it is a sustainable material that is less damaging to the environment.