Bamboo Men's Socks

Bamboo Men's Socks

  1. Bamigo Black Box James Socks Black-Patterned Dark Grey (4-pack)
    Bamigo Black Box Black (4 pairs)
  2. Bamigo James Socks Stripe Black (3-pack)
    James Socks Striped Black (3 pairs)
  3. Bamigo James Socks Stripe Dark Blue (3-pack)
    James Socks Striped Dark Blue (3 pairs)
  4. Bamigo James Socks Argyle Black (3-pack)
    James Socks Argyle Black (3 pairs)
  5. Bamigo James Socks Argyle Dark Blue (3-pack)
    James Socks Argyle Dark Blue (3 pairs)
  6. Bamigo James Socks Black (3-pack)
    James Socks Black (3 pairs)
  7. Bamigo James Socks Dark Blue (3-pack)
    James Socks Dark Blue (3 pairs)
  8. Bamigo James Socks Grey (3-pack)
    James Socks Grey (3 pairs)
  9. Bamigo James Socks Beige (3-pack)
    James Socks Beige (3 pairs)
  10. Bamigo James Socks Combi Pack Black-Blue-Grey (3-pack)
    James Socks Combi Pack Black - Grey - Blue (3 pairs)
  11. Bamigo James Socks Combi Pack Black-Beige-Blue (3-pack)
    James Socks Combi Pack Black - Beige - Blue (3 pairs)

Bamboo socks for men

When you think of bamboo, socks are not the first thing that come to mind. But this is about to change. Our men's socks are made from bamboo. And they are soft to the boot. Have you tried this superb innovation for your feet yet? Our bamboo socks are not only exquisitely soft, they are also anti-bacterial and absorbent. They will keep your feet fresh all day long. Who wouldn't want that? Order them today.

Due to the thermo-control properties of bamboo, our bamboo socks are warmer in winter and cooler in summer. That's why our socks will become your best friend. Never be bothered again by cold feet or feet that are too hot with the bamboo socks by Bamigo. That's not all - our men's socks have more amazing qualities:

  • Silky smooth
  • Smell fresh longer
  • Ventilate much better
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Fast drying
  • Super absorbent
  • Eco-friendly

Unique and Exclusive

The bamboo men's socks by Bamigo are exclusively available at our webshop. This way we keep the basics affordable. Keep Cool! It is easy to order them at

Our bamboo socks

It's worth looking after your feet, so give them the very best and order bamboo socks at Bamigo today. Our socks are available in different colours and different patterns. Unable to choose? Keep Cool! Bamigo also offers combi-packs, each containing 3 different colours or patterns.

The Bamigo wardrobe

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The best present

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