Bamboo Briefs for Men

Bamboo Briefs for Men

  1. Clark Slips Grey-Navy-Black (3-pack)
  2. Clark Slips White (3-pack)
  3. Clark Slips Black (3-pack)
  4. Clark Slips White-Grey-Navy (3-pack)

Stylish bamboo men's briefs

Bamigo has the softest bamboo men's briefs for you. But of course you want to look great as well as feeling great! We thought of that. Bamigo's briefs are really stylish. These beautiful bamboo briefs bring you the next level of comfort! Rest assured that these bamboo briefs will make your day! Due to the amazing Slim Fit they will fit you perfectly and because they are silky smooth they will feel like your second skin! All these benefits come from the fact that we use bamboo for our briefs. Want to know more? Here you go:

  • Silky smooth
  • Smell fresh longer
  • Ventilate much better
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Fast drying
  • Super absorbent
  • Eco-friendly 

With so many unique qualities there is no doubt bamboo is the textile of the future. We are convinced of this! Because it is extremely soft, anti-allergenic and it also smells fresh for longer periods of time. Even if you have sensitive skin you can wear these briefs, every day of the year. Our bamboo briefs are warmer in winter and much cooler in summer. Your best mate, day in and day out. Do you not have bamboo briefs in your wardrobe yet? Change that today!

Our bamboo men's underwear

Treat your buttocks right and pamper them with our bamboo briefs. Superb quality and the finest Slim Fit shape. Just what your bum needs! They are sold in packs of three. The great thing is, the pack fits through your letterbox easily. So if you have ordered these briefs, you will have them before you know it.


Our product range

Apart from the bamboo men's briefs, Bamigo has many other types of soft bamboo underwear. Bamigo also offers T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, singlets, tank tops, boxer shorts, hipsters and socks made from bamboo. The T-shirts and long sleeve T-shirts are just that little bit longer to keep them perfectly tucked into your trousers. Another reason to get them today! Want to know more about our collection of T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, singlets, tank tops, boxer shorts, hipsters and socks? Keep Cool! You can see them here: