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Bamboo Facts

What makes bamboo clothes so comfortably warm?


Once again, it's getting cold and dark outside: high time to ensure your wardrobe is ready for the winter season - and the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of bamboo jumpers and loungewear. These ultrasoft pieces guarantee warmth and the utmost comfort. But how can a fabric that keeps you cool in the summer also keep you comfortably warm in the winter?


Bamboo as an alternative to cotton


Cotton is the water guzzler among textiles. On average, 8,000 litres of water are needed for the cultivation of just one kilogram of cotton. In addition, cotton is responsible for the use of no less than 11% of all pesticides and 25% of all insecticides in the world. The soil in which cotton plants grow becomes so exhausted during cultivation that fertiliser has to be used to make cotton production possible again.


These footies are invisible in your sneakers and won’t slip down


There's nothing more frustrating than socks that slip down while walking, or socks that are visible above your sneaker. That's why footies that are invisible and don't slip are indispensable in your sock collection. Footies are well-known among women, but these socks are also perfect for men. No visible socks to keep you looking your best in your favourite shoes.


Bamboo vs Cotton Fabric: Which is better?


Most of the clothes we wear are made of cotton – and cotton is far from being environmentally friendly. Thankfully, there's a solution to that problem: bamboo! Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and fastest-growing plants on Earth, making it more eco-friendly to grow than cotton. Find out the differences between bamboo and cotton and learn why the bamboo fabric is better for the environment than cotton.


Why are bamboo socks good for you?


There are so many reasons why people fall in love with our bamboo sock bamboo socks and the fact they are good for your feet is right up there. Find out more about why bamboo socks are so good.


Does it matter what fabric my T-shirts are made of?


We’ve all been there: racing to catch the train, carting the kids around town or sprinting up the stairs with an armful of groceries. In no time, you’ve worked up a real sweat. You want to keep your cool and get through the day without a care. The fabric of your clothing plays a crucial role in staying cool and fresh.


The benefits of bamboo clothing


In 2001, the University of Beijing discovered how to make textiles from bamboo. Whether this was the discovery of the century is open to discussion, but it is an understatement to say that bamboo clothing is growing in popularity with each coming year. Bamboo has many unique properties which give bamboo clothing an abundance of advantages.


6 impressive facts about bamboo


What does the word ‘bamboo’ bring to mind? While bamboo often associated with pandas or a type of trees, it is actually a species of sweetgrass. In this blog, we’ve highlighted 6 interesting facts about bamboo.


The trainer socks that don't fall down and stay up


Trainer socks are a summer favourite and are also growing in popularity among men during the colder seasons. While there’s no shortage of options, many men struggle with the same issue: trainer socks that make their way down the back of the shoe after walking a few blocks.


Must haves for an athletic holiday


Spare time during your holiday? Pull on your sportswear and hit the gym or jog into the sunset. Did you know that bamboo T-shirts are the perfect workout attire?


Are there anti-sweat undershirts for men?


Do you suffer from sweat stains in your clothing? Despite the fact that you cannot always prevent perspiration, you can adjust your clothing choice. There are special undershirts that can make life more pleasant for you.