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Which boxer briefs don’t ride up?


More than 80% of men wear boxers. Despite their popularity, there are a number of common complaints about boxers. One notorious issue that many men experience is boxers that ride up during the day, causing bunching and even skin irritation. Sound familiar? Here are the most common causes and some convenient solutions.


The best men’s pyjamas for the summer season


There are few things as personal as the way you sleep. You might prefer to wear pyjamas or just your underwear ‒ or you might wear nothing at all. Often, what you choose to wear depends on the season. In winter, you might opt for toasty pyjamas, while underwear might be sufficient during the warmer months. But what if you’d prefer to sleep in pyjamas during the summer months as well? Bamboo summer pyjamas for men from Bamigo may be the perfect solution.


Create a sporty look with a polo and zip-up jumper


A polo shirt is a great starting point for a casual athletic outfit. It’s timeless, minimalistic and sporty. But don’t forget to wear it the right way though. It should be untucked, with at least one button fastened and a crisp collar.


The 5 advantages of our plain white T-shirts for men


Are you looking for comfortabel white T-shirts for men? You’ve come to the right place. Bamigo has a full collection of white T-shirts for men. These white undershirts may seem basic at first glance but try them on and you’ll feel the difference. Take a look at the following five advantages of Bamigo T-shirts.


Top 5 bamboo clothing items for the winter season


It’s early in the morning when you leave the house. You head to your car, but before you can drive off, you need to scrape the ice off your windscreen. It’s that time of year again. Although winter doesn’t officially start until 21 December, these frosty mornings are already with us. Keep reading to discover our top 5 winter essentials and prepare for the cold months ahead.


A level of comfort beyond belief: introducing bamboo and wool blend jumpers


The moment many of our customers have waited for has finally arrived! A new range of wonderfully soft jumpers with wool integrated into the composition is now available from Bamigo. Our jumpers, also known as pullovers, consist of 50% bamboo and 50% wool. It’s a unique composition that ensures unprecedented comfort.


These footies are invisible in your sneakers and won’t slip down


There's nothing more frustrating than socks that slip down while walking, or socks that are visible above your sneaker. That's why footies that are invisible and don't slip are indispensable in your sock collection. Footies are well-known among women, but these socks are also perfect for men. No visible socks to keep you looking your best in your favourite shoes.


The best casual T-shirts


You’ll find casual T-shirts in every man’s wardrobe. The casual T-shirt is an essential item – and for good reason. It can be mixed and matched endlessly. It works perfectly with so many casual outfits from summer to winter, with or without a sweater. Casual T-shirts from Bamigo offer a few extras, including incredible softness, unparalleled comfort and exceptional breathability thanks to the properties of our unique bamboo fabric.


Stylish, comfortable and versatile: the zip-up sweater


Some days, the weather is unpredictable. On these days, it’s best to wear an outfit with several different layers. Whether it's the middle of winter or high summer, a zip-up sweater is the perfect item for the job. In this blog, we’ll take a look at why the zip-up sweater is so versatile.


The best socks in large sizes


Socks are an essential element of your outfit. At Bamigo, we believe that everyone deserves to wear high-quality socks. That's why we offer our best-selling socks in large sizes.


What to pair with sweatpants and sweat shorts


With the rise of the home office, sweatpants and sweat shorts have made their way into many a man's wardrobe. There was a time when sweatpants and sweat shorts were only worn when relaxing indoors or working out at the gym, but these days they’re an essential fashion item and suitable for a wide range of occasions. Read on to find out what you should combine your sweatpants or sweat shorts with for the perfect look.