Once again, it's getting cold and dark outside: high time to ensure your wardrobe is ready for the winter season - and the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of bamboo jumpers and loungewear. These ultrasoft pieces guarantee warmth and the utmost comfort. But how can a fabric that keeps you cool in the summer also keep you comfortably warm in the winter?


A versatile material

Since it's still a relatively unknown type of fabric, bamboo's potential applications are often thought to be limited. However, the opposite is true: bamboo viscose can basically be used in any garment and can be blended with cotton or wool to create a unique fabric.

Socks and underwear are the most commonly available bamboo items, but T-shirts are also becoming increasingly popular. You can also come across bamboo jumpers, loungewear, pyjamas and even scarves, hats and bathrobes - all of which offer unparalleled warmth and comfort.



Bamboo's summertime advantages are well known. It's a soft, comfortable material that keeps you cool in hot weather thanks to its absorbency and breathability. For example, did you know that bamboo viscose absorbs around 60% more moisture than cotton due to its open fibre structure? These properties work together to provide excellent thermoregulation. Surprisingly, these are the exact same properties that make bamboo clothing ideal for the winter season.

Thermoregulation might sound complicated, but it's just a simple mechanism we encounter every day - even without wearing bamboo clothing. Here's an example: when you're hot, your body cools down by sweating - that's thermoregulation. In short: thermoregulation makes sure your body stays at the right temperature. Bamboo has a thermoregulating effect, so it helps your body maintain the ideal temperature. In the winter, this is done by retaining your body heat - and it does this a lot better than other types of fabric.


More layers, more warmth

Finally, there's another great application for bamboo clothing: wearing multiple layers of clothing. Nothing new, of course: the more clothes you wear, the warmer you will be. Still, it's worth a brief explanation. Thanks to its exceptional properties, bamboo clothing works remarkably well when combined with other pieces - not necessarily bamboo garments, but other types of fabric as well.

Our undershirts, for example, will provide you with the premium comfort of bamboo and can easily be combined with virtually any outer layer. Our bamboo blend will keep you nice and toasty, while staying fresh and dry at the same time. Already stocked up on undershirts? Then consider adding a pullover, with or without a zipper, for an extra layer of comfort. By the way, pullovers are perfect to wear over a shirt, to keep you comfortably warm while still feeling fresh all day long. What more could you want?