Do you regularly wear a dress shirt at work? You’ve probably wondered at some point whether you should wear an undershirt beneath it. If you have, you’re not alone. Plenty of men ponder the same question. Well, there are four good reasons why layering up is undoubtedly the way to go.

Why wear an undershirt under a dress shirt?

Men often wear an undershirt beneath their dress shirt, suit, blazer, hoodie or sweatshirt. They do this to keep their clothing looking and feeling fresh, and to keep their professional edge throughout the day. An added bonus of sporting an undershirt is the extra warmth or comfort it can offer under your professional garb, keeping you feeling your best at all times.

However, it’s important to select the right undershirt. For maximum impact, it should be made using soft, comfortable fabrics and it should fit snugly against the body so that it offers a number of important benefits without being visible through your dress wear. The perfect undershirt to wear beneath your dress shirt should offer:

1. Long-lasting freshness

Wearing the right undershirt beneath your favourite attire saves your dress wear from any unsightly stains by absorbing any sweat, body oils or deodorant. This keeps you looking your best throughout the workday. The very best option is a bamboo undershirt. Bamigo bamboo undershirts absorb up to 70% more moisture than cotton, wicking it away from your skin while also keeping it away from your dress shirt. Enjoy the protection of bamboo fibres for the freshest version of yourself.

2. A sleek look

Sporting an undershirt beneath your dresswear goes beyond freshness. Wearing the right undershirt also adds a sleek dimension to your outfit. Unlike a loose-fitting casual T-shirt, Bamigo undershirts fit your body shape perfectly and save you from uncomfortable bunching and unflattering contours. Say goodbye to frumpy folds!

3. Optimal body temperature

Wearing the right undershirt can help to regulate your body temperature. Bamboo garments are well-known for their thermo-control properties. In the winter, this unique quality of Bamigo undershirts keeps the chill off. During hot summer months, our bamboo undershirts wick away moisture for a fresh, cool feel. An optimal body temperature is a valuable contribution to your year-round comfort.

4. Added comfort

While you need your professional attire to remain looking pristinely crisp, beneath that sharp exterior you need comfort. Bamigo undershirts are crafted using bamboo fibres for ultimate softness. Discover the comfort of bamboo for yourself. Our incredibly soft, figure-hugging undershirts fit so perfectly that they feel like a second skin.

Wearing a T-shirt under your dress shirt: What you need to know

The perfect undershirt depends on your personal style. You’ll want your undershirt to fit perfectly around the contours of your body, like a second skin. Coordinate the neckline with the number of buttons you like to leave open on your dress shirt, and be sure to align colours. Choose an undershirt with added length to make sure it stays tucked into your trousers.

Carefully consider your unique style and taste. At Bamigo, you’ll find the perfect undershirt to meet your needs. Choose your ideal fit, colour and style and you’ll be looking aces.