An all-too-common problem: jumpers that only retain their good fit for a short while or show signs of wear too quickly. This doesn't always mean your beloved jumper is of inferior quality, as it is often down to improper care. To avoid frustration down the road, we have put together five tips on keeping your jumpers feeling soft and looking their best.


1. Read the care label

It may sound obvious, but we cannot repeat it often enough: you should always carefully read the care labels of your jumpers (and other garments). Dirty clothes often get tossed into the same laundry basket and end up in the same cycle. This might be the easiest way, but not necessarily what's best for your clothes. Some garments can handle a temperature of 60 degrees just fine, while others must be washed at 30 degrees or less. The use of bleaching agents, a tumble dryer and even fabric softener can be detrimental to the lifespan of your jumper. Needless to say, always wash your jumper with similar colours.

In general, it's best to wash our jumpers at 30/40 degrees, whilst skipping the fabric softener and tumble dryer. Leave your jumper to dry lying flat (preferably on a towel), to make sure it maintains its shape.


2. The right detergent

It's not always included in the laundry instructions, but the type of detergent also matters, especially for more delicate knits. The average detergent will work just fine for most garments, but for jumpers you might want to consider a milder detergent. The Bamigo maintenance kit includes a detergent developed specifically for our bamboo/wool blend, but there are other alternatives available.


3. Use a laundry bag

In the washing machine, your jumper rubs against other garments, creating friction and causing minor wear each time. Especially in an overloaded washing machine, this can be problematic. If you want to protect your jumper from this fabric friction, you can opt to use a laundry bag. This mesh storage bag will make sure your jumper is cleaned by the water and detergent, while staying separated from the rest of the laundry load.


4. Don't wash it too often

The more frequent you wash a jumper, the faster it will wear out. Washing less will do wonders for both colour retention and fit. Moreover, regular washing can cause your jumper to pill. You know, those tiny fluffy balls that appear on certain fabrics over time. Whilst pilling is normal and inevitable, it can be delayed by washing less.

People are inclined to toss a jumper in the wash immediately after wearing it. In most cases this is not at all necessary. If your jumper still smells fine, you can easily wear it for another day (or longer). If it has a slight odour, try to hang your jumper outside or in the window to freshen it up.

Bonus tip: wearing the right undershirt will help you fight unwanted odours and keep your jumpers (and shirts) feeling fresh for longer.


5. Remove any pilling

Do you already take excellent care of your jumper, but it's still starting to pill? No worries, it's not your fault. Over time, tiny bits of thread will naturally create these fluffy balls. Not just due to the number of washes, but also because your arms rub alongside your body whilst walking, wearing a jacket, and so on.

Does this mean your jumper is ready for the bin? Fortunately not, as it's very easy to remove fluff and pills. One common method is to tauten the fabric and carefully run a razor blade over it, but chances are you will damage the fabric and only make it worse. Our advice is to refrain from using any home remedies and to opt for a pill removal tool, or fabric shaver. These tools are effective, easy to use and often very affordable.

A depiller, along with a great mild detergent and anti-moth soap, is included in our specially compiled maintenance kit. 


Enjoy your jumper for years to come

Follow these care tips and treat your jumper to a little bit of TLC when needed, and you'll enjoy a wonderfully soft garment for years to come - plus, you'll always look stylish and feel comfortable. Are you looking for a new favourite jumper, then make sure to check out our premium bamboo collection.


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