What does the word ‘bamboo’ bring to mind? While bamboo often associated with pandas or a type of trees, it is actually a species of sweetgrass. In this blog, we’ve highlighted 6 interesting facts about bamboo.

1. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on earth

The bamboo plant grows superfast. Did you know that most bamboo plants grow between 5 and 20 centimetres a day? Some species can even grow nearly a metre a day! Due to its rapid growth, as much as 10 times more bamboo can be produced per square metre of land than cotton!

2. Bamboo shoots can grow to more than 30 metres in height

Not only does bamboo grow exceptionally fast, the shoots can also reach great heights. Bamboo stems reach their maximum thickness as soon as they grow out of the ground, and they do not increase in girth as they mature like trees do. The diameter of bamboo stem can be as large as 20cm.

3. Bamboo grows in forests and plantations alike

Pandas eat bamboo and live in bamboo forests. Fortunately, however, their natural environments are not used for farming. We only use bamboo harvested from the plantations of certified suppliers.


4. Bamboo absorbs 5 times more CO2 than an equal quantity of trees

With its natural ability to absorb CO2 from the air, bamboo makes a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gasses.


5. Bamboo is stronger than wood and bends further without breaking

Bamboo’s hollow and round structure makes it a unique plant species. Yet despite its hollow structure, bamboo is extremely strong. Not only is it stronger than wood, it also bends further without breaking. This is because bamboo has a higher flexibility per mass density.


6. Bamboo can even flourish at high kilometres

Did you know that bamboo grows at high altitudes? It’s even been found growing 4 kilometres up in the Himalayas.


These impressive bamboo facts demonstrate some of the unique properties of bamboo. They show that bamboo not only makes a great contribution to the comfort of Bamigo clothing, this unique grass species also has a positive impact on the environment. Interested in learning everything there is to know about bamboo textiles? Download our free e-book: ‘Bamboo: the textile of the future’.