Bamigo’s main mission is to provide comfortable, durable and high quality men’s underwear. To achieve our goals, we have a passionate team of amigos to serve our customers to the fullest. It’s time to look back how far we have come.

Happy Anniversary, Bamigo!

Bamigo's journey

Time has passed extremely fast and now it’s time to look back to the moment we begun our journey and where it has led us. We started as a very small company with a few passionate and focused team members. We were planning, testing and developing Bamigo day and night. In one year, our popularity increased so quickly that our team grew tripled in size.

‘Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits’  - Jeroen Adriaans, CEO Bamigo.

One thing is for sure, without our committed amigos with a passion for improvement and devotion to work hard, we would have never got this far. And as a result, we can proudly say that you can find Bamigo all over Europe: The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and many other countries and this is just the beginning.

We Want More

At the moment, after two successful years, we are still expanding. We’re launching new markets, hiring more experts to our dedicated team and bringing new, original collections to our loyal customers. Our creative and fresh team consists of young professionals, multi-experienced employees, marketing specialists, top designers, communication specialists and, of course, our hard working production team. Our Bamigo team is more than ready for the new challenges of 2017.

We are here to share the journey with you.


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