Do you suffer from sweat stains in your clothing? Despite the fact that you cannot always prevent perspiration, you can adjust your clothing choice. There are special sweatproof undershirts that can make life more pleasant for you.

The secret behind sweatproof undershirts

The T-shirts that help you stay fresh are made from bamboo. These bamboo undershirts stay fresh longer for the 3 following reasons.

  • The bamboo fibre can absorb up to 70% more moisture than cotton
  • Bamboo has excellent heat regulation
  • The breathability of bamboo is very good

Since bamboo absorbs a lot of moisture you will stay dry longer under your armpits. The open structure of bamboo ensures that bamboo clothing regulates heat. For this reason, you also stay nice and cool in the summer. The micro-holes in the fabric have a ventilating effect. Breathable T-shirts ensure that your body can lose heat.

Anti-sweat T-shirts for men

Although perspiration cannot be prevented completely, bamboo T-shirts come close to being anti-sweat T-shirts. Bamboo clothing has many benefits that affect freshness. Because of this it is not surprising that this 'anti-sweat' undershirt for men remains considerably longer fresh and dry.

Fresh upper body clothing

Do you wear sweat-proof T-shirts as undergarments? Then of course your shirt, sweater, suit and other clothing will stay dry longer. Does this seem too good to be true? Try the bamboo undershirts by Bamigo for yourself and experience the difference with other base layers.