The autumn starts. Maybe it’s time to boost your wardrobe collection now? For example with new colours. Of course with the fashionable colours of this year. Our amigos will tell you the top ten of fashionable colours for this autumn and winter.

Top ten

Hi amigo, are you curious about the top ten autumn and winter colours for 2016? Keep Cool! We will tell you about the colours that are very fashionable during the autumn and winter according to Pantone. By the way, Pantone is a company that publishes about colour coding. All the ten colours have a special name. Our amigos think they sound quite fancy:


- Riverside
Just like the blue horizon except with a fancy appearance. This colour stands out as curious and optimistic.

- Airy Blue
This colour looks soft and will give you some rest. At least our amigos believe so. What do you think?

Autumn and winter colours

- Sharkskin
Shark..skin. The name reveals it. This grey colour resembles the grey colour of sharks. Our amigos think that the name of this colour has something to do with that.

- Aurora Red
Pantone thinks the colour Aurora Red is a sensual colour which is warm and nice to look at. Our amigos completely agree with that. What about you?

- Warm Taupe
Actually, you could always wear this colour because of the timeless appearance. This colour looks a little bit like the beige colour of our James socks. By the way, a nice autumn colour as well.

- Dusty Cedar
Actually this colour is the family of the pink one and radiates red hues. Our amigos think this colour is warm and inviting.

- Lush Meadow
According to Pantone, the nice green colour gives boost to the entire range of colours of this season. This one is very beautiful to combine with Spicy Mustard.

- Spicy Mustard
The great colour is something we will be seeing a lot in the upcoming months. Just like our amigos already said, it’ s great to combine with the sparkling green colour. 

- Potter’s Clay
This is an autumn colour that most definitely fits perfectly in the autumn period. This one is a must in your wardrobe during the autumn and winter seasons.

- Bodacious
Last but not least, the colour Bodacious. This one is very nice to combine with black, red or pink. If you are wearing this colour, you will most definitely be noticed!

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