In 2014, Bamigo chose to venture into new waters with bamboo clothing. We originally began with underwear for men. As our undergarments are worn directly against the skin, the soft bamboo fabrics we use ensure the perfect fit and unrivaled comfort. We’ve since expanded our collection to include bamboo loungewear, and bamboo nightwear has recently been developed as a key component of this range.

Expanding our range of bamboo clothing

In August, our pyjama bottoms made their debut. Loungewear, and nightwear in particular, is a logical extension of our underwear collection. This clothing, like our underwear, is worn directly against the skin, which emphasises the benefits of soft bamboo textiles. Comfort is paramount for sleepwear. Bamigo bamboo nightwear is specially designed to offer you ultimate comfort.

Bamboo nightwear as a second skin

The smooth bamboo fibres lend unparalleled softness to bamboo fabrics. They feel great against the body, like a second skin. After wearing bamboo nightwear from Bamigo, you’ll soon find that nothing else will do. What could be better than getting home after work and trading your business garb for exceptionally comfortable pyjama bottoms? With these pyjama bottoms, your evenings will be more relaxed than ever before.

You certainly won’t mind being spotted in Bamigo nightwear. Our range offers modern design in different colours. Step into the world of Bamigo and experience the comfort of bamboo nightwear first-hand.


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