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Bamboo vs. cotton

Most of our everyday clothes are made from cotton. That's strange, because cotton isn't very eco-friendly. So our amigos came up with the solution. They looked beyond cotton and chose bamboo. After some hands-on work they figured out how to make underwear from bamboo shoots. But what are the differences between and ordinary cotton.

Spot the difference!

Who will win the contest, bamboo or cotton? Our amigos are certain that bamboo will be victorious. Keep Cool! We have made no secret of the reasons why our amigos have backed bamboo.


Bamboo shoots literally shoot up in the air and can grow up to one metre per day. After the bamboo is harvested the bamboo forest recovers at record speed. Within no time, our amigos can harvest the bamboo again. Bamboo even grows very easily without insecticides, pesticides or fertilisers; it can grow in many different places and doesn't need much water.




Cotton does need pesticides in order to grow. The pesticides that are used are poisonous and sometimes remain in the textile. Alongside pesticides, cotton also needs a lot of fertiliser and water. Did you know that 10,000 to 20,000 litres of water are needed to make a single pair of jeans?

There is more!

These were only just a few points highlighting the environmental differences between bamboo and cotton. But wait, there's more! The superior comfort of bamboo underwear is also remarkable. Keep Cool! We'll share this with you too.

Underwear made from bamboo is super soft, and stays that way, even after several washes. You will stay fresh much longer when you wear bamboo underwear, because nasty odours are absorbed less quickly. The bamboo textile is even able to absorb up to three times more moisture than cotton, which means that sweat stains are a thing of the past. You can wear this underwear the whole year round because bamboo has the superpower to keep the body up to 3 degrees warmer in cold weather and to cool your body in warm weather.
Our amigos can therefore conclude that bamboo is the rightful winner! By the way, have you seen our page



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