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Bamigo and eKomi

Our amigos try to fulfil your wishes, day and night. Customer confidence is their ultimate goal! Your opinion is therefore very much appreciated. In fact, your opinion will help Bamigo to improve more and more. Would you like to share your opinion about our amigos’ service? Leave a review with eKomi.

Bamigo partners with eKomi

For a webshop like Bamigo it is important to get the opinion of all our Bamigo amigos. Your opinion and feedback matter to our amigos. Do you know why? Because that way we can strengthen our brand and improve it bit by bit. The fun part is that you can have a say in this.

Two weeks after placing an order, every amigo is invited to share his or her experience with Bamigo via eKomi. This review is then publicly available to view via eKomi for anyone who is interested. Our amigos would do anything for you and want you to have the very best customer experience. Once in a while, it may happen that one of our customers isn’t 100% satisfied with Bamigo. Keep Cool! Our amigos will do anything to turn your experience around and make it positive. That’s what amigos are for!

Everything you need to know about eKomi

So what is eKomi? eKomi is one of the most important international providers of social commerce technology. Over 10 million professional customer reviews have been processed and that makes eKomi the market leader in Europe. It is our honour to be able to work with this market leader. We have chosen them to make sure we can make you happy. After all, satisfied amigos are the best amigos! Why have we chosen eKomi? Keep Cool! We would love to share this with you. eKomi only collects independent and transparent reviews from customers. Our amigos can therefore be sure that the authenticity of the reviews is safeguarded. That means that the image of Bamigo is realistically reflected. That’s something you, as an amigo of Bamigo, can benefit from!

Anything for our amigos

Through eKomi our amigos are able to contact you directly. Should you not be 100% satisfied with our service you will be able to chat with our amigos and come to a good solution together. Through our excellent cooperation with eKomi we can build up trust and bring our customer satisfaction to the next level. We do all this for you! Order your T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, tank tops, singlets, boxer shorts, short boxer shorts, briefs or socks from Bamigo and give your feedback on eKomi.


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