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Bamigo and Sustainability Part II

Every decision that we make in life has direct and indirect impacts. If you go for Bamigo both of these types of impact will lead to positive results. The direct – naturally - brings you comfort and the perfect look. But how does your decision to buy Bamigo underwear change the game for the environment in a positive way? You will learn more by reading this blog.

Wear Bamigo

Keep on rollin - closed production circle

Naturally, we are not able to make viscose out of bamboo on our own. That’s why we get the fibers from real bamboo experts, the Hebei Jigao Fiber Chemical Company. They are working with patented production methods in a closed production circle. In addition, they are certified to source bamboo only from plantations that forgo pesticides and farm to sustainable standards. What does a closed production circle actually mean? Well, it means that no substances used in the production process are released into the environment. So no pollution of the environment. Another advantage – unlike the production of cotton – is that much less water is needed to produce bamboo viscose.

The production process

The production process can be simplified as follows: The bamboo as an environmentally friendly raw material is first crushed into very small pieces. The pieces are cleaned and then mixed with a solvent that mashes the bamboo on a molecular level. The solvent does not stay in the bamboo but is kept in the production circle, where it will be reused. The Bamboo mash goes to spinnerets that compress the mash to fiber. The fiber is rinsed before it finally gets dried and rolled onto for further processing.

The China-produced fiber is then used to manufacture our high quality products in Turkey. To ensure the quality of our products and to stay informed about the working conditions we are in a close contact with our producers.

Good things come in three

When choosing Bamigo you make your decision for a production method that requires only little water and with which no substances reach the environment. In Part I of Bamigo and Sustainability we introduced the advantages of Bamboo as a raw material. In the upcoming Part III you will be informed about what we are doing to keep the negative impact on our environment as minimal as possible. Stay tuned! 


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