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Bamigo and Sustainability Part III

Every decision that we make in life has a direct and indirect impact. If you choose Bamigo both kinds of impact will be positive. The direct – naturally – brings you comfort and the perfect look. But how does your decision to buy Bamigo underwear change the game for the environment in a positive way? You will learn more by reading this blog.

Wear Bamigo

No Plastic

Since bamboo as an organic material is an amazing basis for sustainability, we try our best to hold the level. Therefore, we decided to say no plastic for wrapping. Instead we package your high-quality underwear with an eco-friendly paper in an eco-friendly box. Furthermore, we forgo all promotional brochures.

Less CO2

Another goal that we aim for is to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. Therefore, we try to avoid unnecessary shipments when possible. We give you detailed information about the underwear beforehand. Also, a size chart helps you find out which size would fit you perfectly. If you order your product in a perfect size in the first place, you save time and limit CO2 emissions.

Save Paper

Maybe you noticed that you cannot find a receipt in the box with your order. That is not because we have forgotten. We have found that usually only a few people need a paper receipt, and we can save a lot of paper. Of course, if you have a need for a printed receipt you can just print the confirmation email with all the information.

Good things come in three

When you buy Bamigo you invest in a brand that cares. We tried our best to choose a raw material that is sustainable and to use a production process that is eco-friendly, as you can read in our Blogs: Sustainability Part 1 and Sustainability Part 2. But as you have read in this blog, we also need your support to make our vision about careful behaviour with resources come true. Thank you for understanding and supporting us!

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