Providing you with the best undergarments made from bamboo is the daily work of our amigo’s. Did you discover the term bamboo basics on our website? Are you curious why they call it that?

Bamboo basics

First, our amigo’s are going to tell you what they mean with bamboo basics. Bamboo basics are the undergarments of Bamigo. With bamboo basics, our amigos mean the undergarments we are wearing daily. When you wear Bamigo’s bamboo basics you have a nice and comfortable start of the day. That’s exactly what you need.

The bamboo basics of Bamigo

Bamboo basics; only two words but for us it means a lot more than that! At the moment Bamigo has 33 different bamboo basics in the assortment. Curious about which bamboo basics we have? Keep Cool! Our amigos will tell you: T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, tank tops, singlets, boxer shorts, short boxer shorts, briefs and socks.

We have T-shirts with a round neck, V-neck and a deep V-neck in black and white. Keep Cool! But we also have a round neck T-shirt in khaki. That one is invisible and perfect to wear under your shirt. We also have long sleeve T-shirts in black and white with two different necks, a round neck and a V-neck. At the moment the tank tops and singlets are only available in white.

Boxer shorts are available in both long and short variants along with many different colours. The longer boxer shorts are available in 10 different sets of colours. The short one, a new product, is available in 3 different sets of colours. Keep Cool! But maybe in the future there will be more different sets of colours. The briefs are only available in white. But never say never. Maybe there will be more colours in the future.


Bamboo basics aren’t the only available products in our web shop. Are you looking for a nice gift for your amigo? Keep Cool! Bamigo also offers gift cards in the assortment, in 5 different values. Remember, for every man, there is a nice gift!

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