Hey amigo, we have some great news. Last week, since the second of August, Bamigo is shining on TV in a commercial. Did you not see this commercial yet? Keep Cool! Our amigo’s tell you how you can see it!

Our working amigo's

Finally, it’s time! After a lot of days preparing, different photoshoots and changes on the website, we’re ready! The new concept of Bamigo is here and on television. Yes, it’s true, Bamigo just launched a commercial on Dutch TV!

The new concept!

Do you know how we call the new concept? Keep Cool! Our amigo’s will tell you. For all the detectives here, maybe they’ve noticed that ‘No Sweat!’ is changed to ‘Keep Cool!’ on our website.

Our commercial

Curious where you can see the commercial of Bamigo? Keep Cool! Our amigo’s aren’t that mysterious. Everyone has to know the good news! Since last August, Bamigo is shining on three Dutch TV channels, but that’s not the only thing. You can see the commercial as well on our own Youtube channel. Haven’t you seen the commercial yet? Take a look on the page 


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