You’ve probably spotted Bamigo’s commercials featuring muscular men in panda masks. We have good news for you. Bamigo is back on screen! Naturally, in our statement style but with a new twist.


Holland’s greenest hotel

We recorded our new commercial in the unique hotel Jakarta. Holland’s ‘greenest’ hotel is situated in Amsterdam and boasts an impressive natural look. As you may have guessed, the hotel is constructed primarily from bamboo! The scenes of our commercial were shot throughout the various floors of the hotel, including the wellness centre, the subtropic indoor gardens and the breathtaking skybar.


Bamboo meets bamboo

While the bamboo in our clothing is felt rather than seen, the use of bamboo throughout the unique hotel immediately catches the eye. As invisible as bamboo fibres may be, you will certainly detect their unrivalled softness while wearing our clothing. Interested in trying our high-quality bamboo clothing for yourself? Step into the world of Bamigo and experience the unparalleled comfort first hand. 

Bamigo commercial 2020/2021