We’ve all been there: racing to catch the train, carting the kids around town or sprinting up the stairs with an armful of groceries. In no time, you’ve worked up a real sweat. You want to keep your cool and get through the day without a care. The fabric of your clothing plays a crucial role in staying cool and fresh.

Are bamboo T-shirts cooler than cotton T-shirts?

Most T-shirts are made of cotton, but is cotton really that cool? No, cotton is not the right fabric to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. One fabric that can help regulate your body temperature is bamboo. This is because bamboo fibres differ greatly from cotton fibres.

Bamboo fibres are hollow, which gives the fabric excellent insulating properties to regulate your temperature. This hollowness also makes the fabric breathable to keep you cooler on strenuous days than if you were sporting a cotton T-shirt. Bamboo fibres wick away moisture, keeping your skin feeling fresh and preventing odours associated with sweat.

So, if you have an active lifestyle and like to stay cool, choose T-shirts made from bamboo fabric.