When it comes to wearing a T-shirt with a blazer or a suit, it may seem simple, but it’s not. So many men make basic style mistakes regarding the correct pieces to choose. Maybe that’s also the reason why lots of men strongly refuse to even try this ensemble once. If you take the plunge, here are 3 rules you may wish to follow: keep it simple; play with layers and colours; and accessorize appropriately.

Wearing a t-shirt and a jacket

One quite controversial subject in fashion today is the decision some men make to wear a T-shirt under a 

jacket or a blazer. At Bamigo, we love this style. We believe a beautifully finished T-shirt brings the perfect ‘casual’ touch to a more professional outfit.

The problem is that this combo could quickly become inharmonious if you get it wrong. We suggest you follow this set of 3 simple rules before making your decisions.

1. First of all, keep it simple: make sure you choose a nice fit and colour for the T-shirt. We recommend basic T-shirts with a nice slim fit, and a neck shape that fits your body. 

2. Secondly, combine colours appropriately: avoid T-shirts of darker tones than the jacket (especially with plain jackets); and pay attention to small details rolling up the sleeves of your jacket for example. 

3. Finally, feel free to accessorize your outfit with a scarf, a hat, or a nice bag. You can match the colour of your belt or socks for a better effect. But make sure you are only concentrating on a maximum of two it-pieces.

Be careful not to use too many different shapes, colours, or accessories. It could easily ruin the overall finish of your outfit. Always keep in mind that this look is pure and less can be more. 

Finish your style

It is also critical to find the right jacket. The right jacket should never be too big for you, especially when wearing a T-shirt. For a more casual look, you can choose a black or brown leather jacket and a pair of jeans with a white or black T-shirt.

We are convinced you will find the right style for you. And of course you will perfect it by applying your own interpretation of our basic rules and by trying different combinations of clothes, different styles of T-shirts and jackets, and different accessories. 



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