What’s a better way to finish off your style than a stylish watch that perfectly matches your outfit? If you’re the kind of man who likes to think outside the box, a watch made of wood or grass could be just the thing for you. Besides, it looks unique and tends to be extremely lightweight. These watches are also environmentally friendly and complete your style in a sophisticated way with a first impression of a responsible person.

Wood Grain Watch

Hypoallergenic and stylish handmade watch with mystic style. It is made from all-natural materials and works perfectly with different styles – business to casual. Black Sandalwood in the case and a band made of soft genuine leather are the secrets behind this luxury watch.

Bamboo Sisswy Watch - Men - Richard

This handmade watch made of bamboo is a choice for a man who likes classy style with a hint of modern design. It has a nice wooden colour and can easily be matched with formal business style. Because of its classy and mysterious look, it’s also perfect for more casual outfits – mix it for example with jeans and a basic T-shirt. You can be sure that this piece of art will catch attention wherever you go.

CUCOL Wood Watch

Always make sure that your watch is both stylish and functional. This detailed watch for gentlemen looks elegant with its simplified face. Its case is made of bamboo and the brown leather strap provides an excellent wearing comfort – which is also one of Bamigo’s top priorities.

WeWood Kappa Nut Watch

This wooden treasure is made with an incredible level of detail. It’s made from walnut and has more functions than the average wooden watch. Its high-quality strap is also made of wood, which gives it a touch of unique luxury.
Stand out from the crowd and pick environmentally friendly products for your daily life. Small steps can lead to massive changes. You can also read our blog about finishing your style with a perfect tie. Here you can find more information about eco-friendly products, and why Bamigo has chosen bamboo for premium underwear for men.


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